San Diego, California


This is a FREE event that will be presented in 4 workshops. The first will be the Blaze Ahead Job & Career Prep Kickoff on May 30, 2020 in our *ONLINE PLATFORM* and cover insight to how the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process works from the HR, Hiring Manager and Talent Acquisition specialists perspective.  You will get the inside scoop from our panel of experts in Human Resource and others with extensive experience of the hiring process.

The workshops will dive deep into the interview process and how to properly prepare for each phase. Before, during and after.  The psychology of the interview preparation, what you need to know so that you can arrive and confidently and successfully navigate any interview experience.  We will have seasoned professionals that have seen 100s or 1000s of resumes and have vast experience with the interview process.  We have the best of the best ready to serve you and get you in position to be selected for your dream career position.

We aim to set ourselves apart from other career-type events by offering insight into the right education, vocation and certification to be in the best position to be valued in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Most large tech companies are creating automated ways to lead in every industry by eliminating specific positions in the next 5-10 years.  Do you know how to set yourself up for success in the age of automation?  We have the data to help you navigate this workforce disruption.


Join us on May 30 & June 27, 10am to get the insight to elevate your career game and win in the 21st century.  Aren't you tired of not being selected for the job that you know you are well qualified for?  It's not about your qualifications anymore...Find out what the hiring managers are looking for.

Join us and learn what's really going on in the interviewers head. 

REGISTER EARLY in order to get a seat.  Also, be one of the first to register and get extra time with a top career coach to discuss your concerns. 



  • Elevate your resume
  • Master the Interview
  • Learn advanced Job Market Navigation skills

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