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I am certain you would love to say that right now.  Or even on December 30, 2017 while you are recounting all of the progress you have made throughout the year.  That is an awesome way to celebrate the coming of the new year by being grateful for the good that has occurred in the last year.  Fortunately, with our lives we still have a month left and if there is something that you have not done that you still have the chance to do..go ahead and DO IT!

Hi I'm Rashid Hill and I'm your friend.  Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog.  If this is your first time then you are in for a wild ride or treat, whichever you prefer.  I normally just start typing and see where the spirit of the blog takes me.  Today it is going to be a lead in to a new technological split from what I normally write about.  My passion is in helping bring the absolute best out of people and for the last few years that has been my focus.  Locally I do this and globally via the internet I've had so much opportunity to continue expanding into so many countries.  It has been very exciting to meet people because someone referred them to you.  They say things like, "I saw your post about veterans and wanted to discuss this issue with you."  Or someone will say, "My friend said that you have a way with helping people like me, I have a question..."  So many of my network come from pure referrals.  I don't do well with advertising or promoting.  What I do is ensure that I've "exposed myself" in the best way on the best platforms across the digital landscape.  And you should too.  :-)

So what is it like to hear someone say, "I've followed your work and would like to have you speak at my event in 2 months."  That was probably my most memorable moment of my speaking "almost" career.  I am part of a local Toastmasters club yet, I've not been able to expand as I thought like when I was in Texarkana.  Yet, I keep doing the work and building a network that is ever expanding across the 2017 timeframe.  I've had the opportunity to meet some incredible people this past year.  One main reason is that I decided to build a bigger network.  I must connect with more people locally and globally.  So, I attended more events.  Meetups, business launches, networking events, Marketing events within 150 miles of SD, local support groups, and the ultimate Tedx San Diego.  Then that leads me to my up coming event Wavemaster 2018 in January and Brother 2 Brother; Young Men's Leadership Conference in 2018.  These are what I live for, what I've strived for over the years.  Having the chance to directly impact the lives of those that are hungry for real education.  Real world learning based on where I've been and what I've learned. Most importantly, I get to prepare my audience for the future success that don't know they are being set up for.  By attending my speech or seminar or workshop there are technologies that are not being taught in other circles yet, I have the chance to deliver in a big way.

Over the last 14-16 months I've been looking into and investing in a very powerful technology that is changing how we use currency and the institutions that monitor the use of it as well.  I've searched for relevant video trainings in order to get very familiar with it all so that I can see if it is the real direction I need to go and pursue more education before I begin to offer these "secrets" to others that I care about.  There is a shift of wealth that has been happening for years yet, only a few caught on (maybe by accident) yet we have found ourselves in the midst of the greatest shifting of wealth in the history of mankind.  A disruption of massive proportions has occurred and the industry has held on for long enough.  There is be no short term elimination of the industry nor with there be one or the other.  In the past yes, some technologies came along and wiped out the previous inferior technology.  There has been a multitude of products that stood for many many years and finally had to succumb to the new, relevant the bold.  ONe example is the art of developing 35 mm film in a dark room.  What happened?  Not necessarily the mobile phone but, the ability to take a sharp photo and send it anywhere you like in seconds is what happened.  Then, Kodak was in trouble.  

What is the market, the technology that has captivated millions and created millionaires of so many even when it is accessible to the common man and woman in every country that has an internet connection?  Please, let us know what is in our back yard pushing up against our norms and beliefs about money. 


There are cryptocurrencies exploding with ROI as high as 80,000% in 3, 6, 12 months for certain status investors.  Yet, many have invested less than $100 and had the exact same opportunity for a high ROI.

Historians in the future will call this cryptocurrency market the biggest BOOM that has ever hit our economy.

However, despite the massive investments from "smart money" and the new class of milliionaires, most people don't even know what a cryptocurrency is.  Or if they do, they don't know which ones are real, which are long term and which are a scam.  That is not going to come from the mainstream media.  Most of what you see or hear is sponsored by the company so... it is mostly hype.

In my blog I will be presenting the truth based on more than a year's worth of research and investing.  I will be your guide to know what to look for and make your own best judgement for investing or watching... this huge market influx.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money and we are poised to generously profit from this technology if you follow the steps that I will be discussing in my blog.  

Join me next post and let's get ready to create something amazing for the coming year!

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More to follow.  Check me out here at - Our Cryptocurrency Era

Let's Go & Grow!

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