If you are going to Play, then Play to Win

March 5, 2017 20 Comments

Will you be that next "Breakout Success?"  Well, you are closer than you think! Today let's explore the journey. I've found that Top Earners frequently visit these stages "Follower to Facilitator to Freedom."

Novice: Follower


At this stage you have just gotten started with your venture.  As an entrepreneur, online marketing or network marketer this is where you figure it out and if you are savvy you find a coach to guide you to the next level.  You can learn a lot at this first stage yet, your faster growth comes with awareness of your conscious incompetence then you springboard into heightened awareness arriving at the Facilitator level.


Competent: Facilitator


Now that you have advanced into a guide  for new entrants to the program, you are ensuring that all relevant information is being properly briefed, discussed and understood by the members or team.  We know that understanding the four levels of learning is to compliment our growth and higher cognitive & emotive development.

*At which level are you?


Expert: Freedom


As the one that sets the tone for the organization or business, you are in a place that others aspire to.  As the SME (subject matter expert) you have been coachable, assisted others with tips and tools to enhance their chance of 10X success. Now with your finger on the pulse of Time, Financial and Location Freedom, you can choose... no more haste marching to the beat of another's drum...now it's truly your choice.  And that's Freedom. 



For those that are seeking a proven way to add a little extra to their income or if you have done well and hit a plateau and looking to break out this year.  We love to help and bring that "wow" back to your life.


Remember: What you know is not What you knew...

You are not your past, You are our future.


For the latest please visit: www.facebook.com/extraoyoubyrashid

or you can be bold and join our 10 X Club: www.facebook.com/groups/iprogo

If you want me to help you learn and implement the secrets to Network Marketing success in this new era contact me for a brief integrity call.  l3.thebrand@gmail.com

Interested in the 10 X Academy for Excellence: www.8ways2be10xbetter.net (HERO Model)


I'm Rashid, thank you for visiting my blog.


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