Are You Impatient? Try this...

December 18, 2016 9 Comments

To influence the lack of belief is a calling. Understand what forces are at play and success is possible.

KNOW THIS, the human is created with impatience yet, craves for instant gratification.

As the “Influencer” You must know and respect that fact or you will be a miserable failure.

So what’s the solution? 

Focus on the controlling force of the paradigm and shift “Impossible to I’m Possible”


So what is the “controlling force of the paradigm” you may ask?  In short, this would be the “spirit.”

Instead of fighting with the external you have to start with the internal (emotions) and drill down to the root or seat of the emotional connection.  What is within the spirit is not changed it’s just influenced to incrementally feel a different way about certain stimuli.  If you have the desire to “want” when you don’t necessarily “need” something then you know that you are acting from a natural disposition. The desire is there yet, you don’t know why you want this item and more so, how did you now recognize that you are approaching “choice” or having the ability to adjust your desire for something.  This discovery is directly related to your acquaintance with your Will. Another law that you will need to understand is the Law of the Will vs the emotional pull of desire.  When you enter a development where you recognize your Will has command over your desires…you are enroute to shifting your known paradigm to a new known awareness.

There are many forces at play and there is no simple way to resist the familiar zone of comfort.  Even though the result is most of the time “dis-ease” and your body sends signals so that you will redirect your positive energy to help battle this emotion (desire).  In order to become of some patience it takes practice.  As they say, “Patience is a virtue.”  We must learn how to enlist our Will to control our desires and channel energy toward positive emotions generating the proper vibrations that heighten our self-awareness leading to more self-control, quality connections and sustained focus for future freedom.

This is a very intricate subject and takes many different turns depending on where you intend to go.  I use this area of EQ in my coaching with the 1-to-1 clients and not in the group sessions.  So as we will not be able to complete the discussion here, I am happy to have further discussions offline. Just set up a session via my contact information. 

Love Sharing It...

Coach Rashid

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  • katherine merry - December 19, 2016 10:54 PM

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  • Coach Rashid - December 19, 2016 11:26 PM

    Thank you Katherine. It is a pleasure to read your comments. This is a passion of mine and its nice to hear about how the comment spoke to you.

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I would try this method. Maybe it would works for me. I'm really impatient.