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December 5, 2016 23 Comments

What we know is what's new today is old tomorrow.  The speed of technology moves with blinding speed and if you don't pay attention to what is coming you will be left looking in the past.

Let's go there today.  Into the new and high techie.  There is always something to catch your attention so no worries we are exploring this journey as well.

As a high performance coach with a focus on helping my clients understand the value of emotional intelligence in growing your self awareness and unlocking your capabilities to succeed.  When you decide that FEAR does not control you ... yes, that is correct it does not control you it only arrives and waits for you to allow it to enter your spirit and then it dances around in your mind to distract you from your true energy.  Don't allow the distraction to slow your ability to go forth and prosper!

When we get distracted by the illusion of fear we miss great opportunities to grow and prosper.  The technology that is designed to give us reprieve or make our lives easier can be looked at by some in a negative way.  Some get caught in their old paradigm and afraid to venture outside of that familiar zone.  This will cause you to see the new technology yet, you will attempt to decide to be a part of it and after a while even if you make the decision to try it out, test the waters or just give it a go... you've missed out on the sweetness of the accomplishment.  Now, don't get me wrong you can recover and benefit greatly from your decision to move from afraid to engaged.  This is a true positive,  I call it the tortoise vs the hare activity.  There is nothing incorrect about being "cautious."  Being cautious and diligent vs being afraid and allowing FEAR to steal your future are two very different things.  Remember that.

The hare is of a jump first and ask questions later nature or behaviour.  The tortoise is not like that at all yet, they are slow and steady which can be to your advantage in some cases.  Something that we want to remember is that good things do come to those who wait...yet, not necessarily to those that wait too late.  Take action and be part of the first movers and you will capture the lion share of the reward.  So which are you going to be?  The Tortoise - slow and steady to get more information until you come close to analysis paralysis.  Or do you take a deep breath, close your eyes and believe in yourself then jump in with both feet like the Hare.  One difference that you may not be aware of with this story is that they both win in their own way. 

When you jump out there on faith and confidence (trust a bit) then you may find some hardship that will make you second guess your decision many times over... yet you will see that by jumping in first you reap huge rewards that the later entrants will not be able to take upon their enrollment at a later date.  The initial entrants will have some form of "exclusivity" to the initial applications of the company that you are dealing with and the later enrollees will benefit yet the value they receive will be less than the value of the first entrants.  Either way, there is great benefit in being first as well as coming later.  If the industry is good today it will be good tomorrow.  New developments and additional benefits are always positive about new ventures and technologies that are presented to us.  We are in the greatest time for disruption of the banking industry in history.  Don't let anyone tell you any different.  If so, that just means they don't know.

We are currently within the bubble of the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen.  Do you plan to be the tortoise or the hare?  I can honestly say, the train has left the station and we are on a 100 car train.  30 cars are loaded and we are responsible to fill the remaining 70 cars.  Oh, by the way if you are on the train and you want to help fill the other cars on the train you will be given incentives along the way.  Some worth more than others yet, you will benefit greatly because you had the courage to join the "hares" in an effort to dismiss the FEAR distraction in all its forms and move on without any support, any resources or knowledge of the industry.  You have children and many jobs that keep your face moving toward comfort and familiar vs challenge and adventure.  "It's too tough to go after my goals!"  Where is the pot of gold?  You ask.  "Will it come in my lifetime?" 

I laugh because some of the things that I type are actual stories from people that I've encountered though my travels.  History has a way of entertaining and teaching if we are students ready to grow.  It is time for the new currency to rise and I wonder if you will raise your community with it.  The future of payments will be with digital currency.  Flowing over a secure ledger that is called a "blockchain."  What do you know about it?  A better question for those that taken up the archetype of the "tortoise" , ask yourself what will you know/learn about it?  Now learn today so you can lead tomorrow.

Rashid Hill

Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Advisor on cryptocurrency

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  • training collar reviews - December 16, 2016 10:01 PM

    There is always something to catch your attention so no worries we are exploring this journey as well.

    • Coach Rashid - December 17, 2016 7:18 AM

      Thank you Maicer.

      I always appreciate guest comments. Many times what I write is part fact, part story and part call to action. It's fun yet educational. Take the journey with me...hope to hear from you again.

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