R.I.F. (Remember This?)

July 3, 2016 21 Comments

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Some may not know about the topic today yet, it goes way back.  There was this great advertising campaign that wanted to promote reading in the US because it was found that many countries around the world were ahead of the US schools when it came to reading and math.  So the R.I.F. initiative became a huge deal some years ago.

What is R.I.F?  Reading Is Fundamental. 

So let's see what that really means to my readers. I would certainly agree that reading is fundamental to anyone that has a desire to increase their knowledge and stay ahead in school or business.  It would be near impossible if we in the west did not take that seriously and with sheer arrogance thought that we could be global leaders in any field without enhancing the ability of our next generation of leaders to read at levels equal to or greater than others.  We must be committed to learning throughout our lives.  It's not enough to learn it in grade school and even in college, we have to keep the love and desire to increase our knowledge and ability to expand our thinking outside the box while shifting the paradigm to now creating a New Box for the next generation to think outside of.

One fundamental aspects of reading is reading to comprehend.  When you read you should not only read for entertainment but enjoy learning a new skill or applicable knowledge.  As mentioned in a previous blog entry, we have to love the process, the process toward our purpose and our goals.  The process toward freedom and success.  Life will open up for you as long as you are passionate about your journey.  Don't just get comfortable when you've learned how to walk, you want to run! Jump! Flip! And even Fly if you so desire.  It's not enough to just read.  Read with a purpose.

Funny thing, when you do start to read and get involved with your story.  Develop a love for the text and start to learn new things.  It is automatic that you will start to create a desire for learning.  We all start out as kids eager to learn.  So we love listening to stories that our parents, grandparents and teachers tell us.  No matter if they are true or false we are fully engaged until the end.  Leaning forward waiting to hear the next exciting twist or turn, anticipating the climax and who is the next character.  So much intense listening so that we could picture the story in our minds and figure out the ending before it comes.  We love to hear stories and learn from them as children, let's try to do the same as adults.

Our stories today are delivered to show parallels in actual business settings. They are designed to give us an abstract insight to a way to solve a current problem or potential issue under your control.  The education gained from a story today will directly impact how effective you are as a manager or leader within your company.  Additionally, we may not have a manual given to us on how to be a great husband or wife and most certainly you won't elect to read up on how to be the best father or mother.  Can't say I've heard anyone say that the reason why they have a successful marriage or their kids turned out great was because of a book or a class they took.  It doesn't normally happen that way.  We don't read about how to be who we are and can't expect that we will follow someone else words of wisdom on the topic.  We have to experience the experience and follow our internal guide in order to be at peace with our decisions in life. 

Benefits of reading are plenty.  We want to create more value for ourselves and be better for our families.  When we read about leadership we are pursuing a better way to deliver for our company, our staff and all around us.  When we read about destiny and purpose we are seeking critical benefits for our personal life and to maximize our talents to be the best version of ourselves.  When we read about presentations and speaking we are committing to enhancing our ability to communicate and connect with our audience.  When we ready about spirituality we are seeking balance and elevation in our spirit so that we can go forth with morality and compassion for all that we are in contact with.  We combine all of our pursuits of learning with the central focus to become who we believe ourselves to be...the best to all in this life and a pleasure upon transition to the next.

Remember; What You Know is not What You Knew!  You are not your past.

Get Ahead ~ Stay Ahead!

Reading is Forever!


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