Question...Do you know anyone that graduated this year?

May 29, 2016 16 Comments

Hello Wonderful Community!!!

It's 2016 (May) and this has been a busy year for me.  Even though my career, passions and hobbies have been in overdrive... let's see if we can focus on some really important topics like; college graduation.

Do you know anyone that graduated this year?  High School or College?

Some may look at the challenges of grade school daunting and confusing depending on a number of issues.  Let's say that you are in a school whereas you have to walk through a very rough area just to pursue an education.  Or maybe you fear going to school because you have been ridiculed by other students...just because you are smart (smarter than them).  This happens a lot and one of two things happen to a child/student when this occurs.  They either learn to hate school or they learn to hate certain types of people.

Now, would this be a way to give your son or daughter the future that you saw so bright in their eyes when you walked them in on their first day of school?  I don't believe you saw that coming... well, you didn't want to believe that would be the case.  Since all you could see what the smiles of your child while reading their first alphabet or first word.  Counting to 50 or 100 the first time.  And the cheers of the parents witnessing these feats and feeling confident that the future would be ever so bright when your child walked into that high school for the first time. Well, it doesn't always work out that way.

But, what if... you know, what if life worked out for your high school age child and they entered school with that optimism and self proclaimed status.  They have internalized the belief in which you instilled in them from birth and throughout their grade school challenges.  Now they have felt the bumps of stress of being out on their own in elementary and middle school... then the bruises of kids feeling shamed because your child knows the answers to the teacher's questions yet, other children never felt it was important to put in the time and study.  Your child is developing in a way that you appreciate; you enjoy.  Your hard work is coming to fruition and yes parent(s) you should be proud.

Then there's college.  Graduating from high school has it's pressures, notwithstanding the level that is to come yet, we don't take leaving the relationships and connections garnered for the last 4 years lightly yet, you have been prepared since childhood for these moments; for these moments to come and pass.  Now the connections you have made will stay with you for time immemorial.  No worries, true friends are the one's that your heart holds closely, locks it in and even though you all are separated geographically, your heart will always find its way back to the trueness of those we call our friends.  

Now there's college.  Where to go, what to major in, what studies, what state or level of school.  And so on... Before you know it... here we are standing in front of the dormitory of your new home away from home for the next four years.  Will it cause you the anxiety that so many exclaim or maybe you've been prepared for this moment since childhood.  Now that your parents are giving you the sad face, the last hug (for a while) and of course you wait for that "pocket change" that Dad always makes sure you have so you have something in your pocket.  Now it becomes more real, it's really happening.

"Am I an adult?" you ask.  Does entry into college give me a pass into adulthood or do I need to be introduced to a right of passage?  What happens next as I walk up to a room I've never slept in, meet roommates I've never associated with and plan for classes that scare me to the point of running away.  So how do I approach this new phase of my life without retreating to what is familiar and so comfortable?  And then, I listen to that voice that has comforted me so many times in the past..."go ahead, it's going to be alright."  When you first played baseball or football, you got in the game and yes, you performed well.  When you first wanted to be a cheerleader and you jumped up and down doing your cheers, you performed well.  When you made your first speech, or did your first presentation, wrote your first research paper and got top grade... yes, you felt great because when your parents said you were a genius at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years didn't know what it meant and didn't know when it would ever mean anything... now, you look back and say, "If I could do it then, I can do it now."  And off to college you go with the mind that yes, you can get it done.

So, you take 3 years to decide your degree program and have taken all general courses.  You've enjoyed your time at the college, created bonds of fraternity or sorority, friendships that will last for a lifetime.  New ones to add to the one's you forged during high school.  So what about those that couldn't make it through high school, didn't like you because you were smart (smarter than them) and tried to bully you to stop you from ..."being smart."  So what are they doing now?  Do you think about it...or even care?  Not really because you have worked hard to separate your child self from your preparation for your adult self.  So, where are we now?  4 years later...

Again, "Am I an adult?" Does entering college give me a free pass to adulthood in the sense that I will be addressed as such?  No, not really.  But now that you have journeyed and trekked your right of passage, 4 years have gone by and while you ponder the thought.  Still no answer.  Yet, you still remember your parents words, "you're a genius" and wonder how that affected your ability to stay focused on grades and away from nonsense.  How it produced the right mental attitude without knowing the word your subconscious was aware that greatness could not stay dormant forever it would keep you believing in yourself and expecting the very best out of YOU.  While so many others were pulling at you to come out and play, you determined it was your future impact that drove you to excel and not fail.  You pushed forward because you enjoyed learning and finding solutions to humanities problems.  Now, it's your turn to impact the world, to deliver on your life long preparation as a genius not just to your parents; now to the world.  

Congratulations graduates.  Congratulations parents.  Yes, welcome to adulthood.  Now, magna cum laude - go forth and change the world!

Remember, "What you know, is not what you knew"  You are not your past.  Let's build our future!

Coach Rashid / 

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