Are you Content with being Average?

May 22, 2016 11 Comments

Hello Above Average Community!

When I ask the question, "Why be content with being average" I am certain I'm not talking about you.  Do you know anyone that seems to struggle and strive to reach average when they could just as diligently work to be great?  Why do we work so hard to fall short of our capabilities?  Remember I always say, "We are created to display greatness!"  This is who we are.

Let me assist with a few ideas to set yourself apart from AVERAGE people.

1 - Quiet your inner voice:  Be polite and listen when others are talking.  If they are speaking with you give them your attention and allow for complete conveyance of their message. This shows empathy.

2 - Argue with yourself:  STOP the urge to talk while others are speaking.  Don't interrupt them especially when you are anxious to move the conversation to its end. Be patient with the person that thought enough of you to bring their issue to you for evaluation and opinion.

3 - Act like you are curious:  Actively listen to Actively learn.  Ask questions if you need to understand better what is being said.  Sometime the person can't clearly deliver the meaning and needs you to ask a question and help guide them toward their reason for coming to see you.

4 - Find the kernel of truth:  We are pretty astute to the message behind the rambling from many people that want to talk with us.  Find the key point and you will find the truth of why they are talking to you.  sift through the fodder for the actual message.  And if they are rambling...ask questions to find the kernel of truth.

5 - Focus on the message not the messenger:  Some presenters are not able to properly convey the message.  Understand what the message is and avoid judging the messenger unfairly.  Using our social intelligence and giving the messenger full opportunity to deliver their message without interruption.

The average person would be speechless if you asked them what they are thinking.  Many have been programmed to accept certain things based on their suggested beliefs, values and mores.  These are evident in their current behaviors and actions leading to the results attained.  If we allow ourselves to stay under the foot of old thoughts and beliefs we will be challenged to find ways to overturn the paradigm that has ruled our life since childhood.  Now that we are of age we can adjust what we believe and identify with the way forward.  This may be in stark contrast with our learned truths yet, now we must develop for ourselves and use the building blocks of self awareness and discipline to grow into our new true self.

The ability to be better, do better and have better is part of our journey.  We are able to change that which does not foster positive growth and development.  We can travel the roads of evolution toward the ultimate purpose for myself; not someone else.

Let's be who we are meant to be.  We don't need to settle for average while our whole being screams that we are powerful beyond measure!

I will elevate myself, by helping someone else; one quarter at a time.

Coach Rashid

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    We don't need to settle for average while our whole being screams that we are powerful beyond measure!

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    Across any inhabitants, there will forever be a standard. And in lots of real-world distributions, the preponderance of the inhabitants will end up about the average.

  • Blog - March 22, 2017 12:06 PM

    No way. Average people are messy and don't get great in life at any point. Life is miserable when you are just average.

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