Rashid H Hill,

     Rashid Hill formerly known as Corey Hill is a proud native of East Texas.  Growing up in the area of Tyler and attending John Tyler High and Chapel Hill.  A strong supporter of the Bulldogs and the Lions, he joined the US Air Force in 1989 and enjoyed traveling to many countries.  Then about 10 years later he spent some time on the east coast(Atlanta, GA) USA.  And soon thereafter headed over to the Middle East and worked for the US Federal government.  Now he resides in San Diego, CA with his wife, Ritchel from the Philippines and his son Yusif.  Loving every moment.

     Rashid Hill is a Certified Strategic Interventionist, Career Design Specialist and Relationship Coach.  Best known for generating fantastic performance out of his clients.  Published author, speaker and trainer, who inspires people to get clear about who they are and what they want to accomplish.  He doesn’t stop there, then he works with his clients to develop a systematic approach to propel them into their greatness. He is the author of “8 Ways To Be 10 X Better” and is the founder of L3 Coaching Solutions.  Known to bring groups to their feet and leave them empowered with a sense of direction.  He’s creating serious momentum in this space.  You can contact Rashid Hill through email: L3.TheBrand@gmail.com

And of course, I get this question very often...

Rashid, "Why did you write the book, "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better"

And I tell my story...
For many years we had been in business, self-employed for the most part.  Opened offices in Kuwait, Philippines and had teams all over the Middle East and Asia.  Even some business partners in the UK, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.  The direct sales business is great and gives the average business person a giant step forward in reaching his/her dreams.  There is one catch, "Only if you apply yourself" to the multitude of opportunities to learn from some of the most impressive leaders on the planet.  We had opportunities to study how to best build our business from leaders in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, UAE and the US.  These were people with over 10,000 members in their organizations and still growing after about 4-6 years in the business.  So we took notes at all events, read many books on personal development, online education, studied extensively in the area of inner development and strengthening the power of our subconscious mind.  These trainings and education under real life settings gave us the push, the desire and the yearning to spread these uncoverings to all far and wide.  This is when our business literally took on a surge of it's own from country to country.  My wife was the chief marketer and was effectively hosting training events in Kuwait and Philippines for some time.  We decided to purchase land in the Philippines and then a condo.  And after we graciously sponsored 2 of my wife's family member's college education,(one recently has been certified as RN) we had learned so much and wanted to ensure we shared this vast amount of highly impactful knowledge with as many people as possible.  So we arrived back in the US in late 2011. We relocated to northeast Texas.  While working for the federal government I wanted to make sure I stayed on my path and get this information out to the people that needed it.  As I processed the events of being in the US after being overseas for so long, I knew I needed some smart resources to get my vision off the ground.  One day I was in the car listening to Oprah Winfrey's XM radio network.  Her soul series is really good and she was speaking with Tony Robbins.  Later that night I went on to the internet onto her OWN network and found her at the Tony Robbins UPW event in LA.  So, as I watched and felt the incredible energy of just seeing it on the screen, I made up my mind that this is what I need to do and then I will have the direction, the unstoppable commitment that I seek.  After a little while I was introduced to the life coaching industry and was intrigued by it all.  Decided it was the path I would take and wanted to have the absolute best in the business to learn from - to have as my mentor.  Of course, I found out there was a new Strategic Intervention coaching program by none other than, Tony Robbins and associates thus I jumped on it.  I knew it was right for me.  As I was heading to a seminar in Oklahoma in 2012, I would listen to the teleconference and learned so much about coaching and strategic ways to make dynamic change with small consistent actions.  This was so captivating for me.  Sometime thereafter I received my certification in Strategic Intervention as a Life Coach and Relationship management and Divorce prevention.  Incredible feeling to have these coaching tools to help so many.  Guess what I did next?  Well, I decided to attend one of his live events and that was the catalyst to creating the brand and writing the book, "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better!"  When he says you will break through your fear at the UPW... You do! After walking on 1200-1800F hot coals, I felt so powerful I must have been floating about a foot off the ground.  I left that event with great friendships and a high energy state that I went back to writing my book and did not stop for about 30 days.  It was intense and I read many books while writing my book.  Many long nights and long weekends.  My wife is incredibly supportive and I just honor her with all of my love and respect.  She is the best of what I am.  And then comes the transition to Chapter 1... (read more in the book and see exciting material on the training portal)