"I realize that my results and my being are not the same thing and I reaffirm that I am an AMAZING person.  I go forth in the spirit of Expectation and understand that I cannot know all that which the Universe has in store for me, yet I will remain open to all things.  I am so happy and grateful knowing that the Good in which I desire is worthy of me.  I forgive myself completely and release myself from self doubt and fear.  I move forward in joyful expectation that I will certainly ACHIEVE my goals!  I willingly release thoughts and things which clutter my mind."

Prepare Your Future ~ Create Prosperity ~ Live in Abundance  ... by enjoying My Blog (Here)

ATTENTION! All Visitors to my blog!  This year has been incredible and we are growing in so many areas.  I want to do something for all of my visitors from the previous year. Yes, this is epic! 

in progress...

FILL UP THE FORM BELOW and tell me what was one great event that happened to you in 2019.  You will get a FREE copy of my book.  Also, if you can tell me what is one of your goals for the coming year and how you plan to accomplish it, I will reply to your comment(s) with a link to how you can get a FREE copy of my amazing personal development guide. Within a reasonable time and based on your answer will determine if you pay the shipping / handling fee.  Max - $7. The book is sold for $22 in online bookstores.

So, the more awesome your "GOAL" the lower the price.  You might actually get it at NO COST.  My gift to you all for helping make 2019 an amazing year!  Hurry before all promotional books are gone.

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The Triple Effect: The How, What & Why of Education

by Rashid on September 28, 2019 0 Comments

In this episode...

“Education, not just schooling can change the trajectory of your life.”  While you are growing, changing within you, you inadvertently change those around you.

On the Triple Effect this week Michael Love, who’s an educator, mentor, community organizer, speaker and advisor shared his life lessons and mission as an educator giving us the How, What & Why of Education.

Please listen to our 2 part broadcast here: Episode 9 Part 1

Please listen to our 2 part broadcast here: Episode 9 Part 2 

Your Hobby is Your Business!

by Rashid on April 8, 2018 2 Comments
I am BACK! 
Join me for some great updates from the last few months...
Have you thought about taking your hobby and creating a viable business out of it?  I know I've been away for a while yet, I've had the pleasure of meeting many people that have taken the step and are very happy they had the courage to do so.  And you can too!  It is so exciting.
I am very pleased to announce that I've posted a few new promo videos for entrepreneurs or anyone thinking about starting their own business.  Some things to think about and maybe help with getting you started right.  Take a look here.  Just click the link.
"Business Wellness Checkup Series"

Join me in watching this series of outstanding talks that combat the potential onset of acute business failure and drive more healthy fiscal and ...
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It was the year 2017 and...

by Rashid on November 24, 2017 5 Comments


I am certain you would love to say that right now.  Or even on December 30, 2017 while you are recounting all of the progress you have made throughout the year.  That is an awesome way to celebrate the coming of the new year by being grateful for the good that has occurred in the last year.  Fortunately, with our lives we still have a month left and if there is something that you have not done that you still have the chance to do..go ahead and DO IT!

Hi I'm Rashid Hill and I'm your friend.  Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog.  If this is your first time then you are in for a wild ride or treat, whichever you prefer.  I normally just start typing and see where the spirit of the blog takes me.  Today ...

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Are We Talking about God?

by Rashid on May 13, 2017 23 Comments

Are We Talking About God?  "Infinite Intelligence leads and guides me in all my ways.  Perfect health is mine, and the Law of Harmony operates in my mind and body.  Beauty, love, peace and abundance are mine.  The principles of right action and divine order govern my entire life.

I know my major premise is based on the eternal truths of life and I know, feel and believe that my subconscious mind responds according to the nature of my conscious mind's thinking."

Some would like you to think of "GOD" as the infinite intelligence yet, it is something of an elevated created idea that helps us to reach for a higher awareness of self.  And that is ok.  It works for that purpose without easing God out (E.G.O.).  So what is so interesting about the words that we seem to use in explaining the Divine in layman ...

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If you are going to Play, then Play to Win

by Rashid on March 5, 2017 20 Comments

Will you be that next "Breakout Success?"  Well, you are closer than you think! Today let's explore the journey. I've found that Top Earners frequently visit these stages "Follower to Facilitator to Freedom."

Novice: Follower


At this stage you have just gotten started with your venture.  As an entrepreneur, online marketing or network marketer this is where you figure it out and if you are savvy you find a coach to guide you to the next level.  You can learn a lot at this first stage yet, your faster growth comes with awareness of your conscious incompetence then you springboard into heightened awareness arriving at the Facilitator level.


Competent: Facilitator


Now that you have advanced into a guide  for new entrants to the program, you are ensuring that all relevant information is being properly briefed, discussed and understood by the members or team.  We know that understanding the ...

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Are Blind Spots Visible?

by Rashid on January 31, 2017 21 Comments

Wonderful Greetings Community!  I'm back!

What is the most unique thing you can think of when developing a gift you have within, yet never knew how to use it? How do we anticipate someone's next move? How do we see within our "blind spots?"

We've all experienced it before. If you are standing still, you feel there is someone behind you to the left or right...how do you really know if someone is there? And then when you turn around, normally someone is really there. Interesting right? How did you know? This is very interesting to me because we all seem to have a "sixth sense" of sorts that will alert us if someone is in our "Blind Spot."

What if you could anticipate the next move, action or behavior with an impressive amount of accuracy? I believe we can train ourselves to create predictive abilities ...

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Are You Impatient? Try this...

by Rashid on December 18, 2016 9 Comments

To influence the lack of belief is a calling. Understand what forces are at play and success is possible.

KNOW THIS, the human is created with impatience yet, craves for instant gratification.

As the “Influencer” You must know and respect that fact or you will be a miserable failure.

So what’s the solution? 

Focus on the controlling force of the paradigm and shift “Impossible to I’m Possible”


So what is the “controlling force of the paradigm” you may ask?  In short, this would be the “spirit.”

Instead of fighting with the external you have to start with the internal (emotions) and drill down to the root or seat of the emotional connection.  What is within the spirit is not changed it’s just influenced to incrementally feel a different way about certain stimuli.  If you have the desire to “want” when you don’t necessarily “need” something then ...

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Next Level Coaching, Consulting & Advising

by Rashid on December 5, 2016 23 Comments

What we know is what's new today is old tomorrow.  The speed of technology moves with blinding speed and if you don't pay attention to what is coming you will be left looking in the past.

Let's go there today.  Into the new and high techie.  There is always something to catch your attention so no worries we are exploring this journey as well.

As a high performance coach with a focus on helping my clients understand the value of emotional intelligence in growing your self awareness and unlocking your capabilities to succeed.  When you decide that FEAR does not control you ... yes, that is correct it does not control you it only arrives and waits for you to allow it to enter your spirit and then it dances around in your mind to distract you from your true energy.  Don't allow the distraction to slow ...

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Gratitude and Thankfulness is always in Season

by Rashid on November 25, 2016 16 Comments

Gratitude daily... so what am I grateful for in my life...
Let's look at it this way and see if anyone can relate.

I'm grateful for the problems in life; at work, at home
~Without them I wouldn't appreciate the ahh inspiring goodness learned from those experiences.

I'm grateful for relationship issues
~Without them I wouldn't understand my life partner better and reassess where the focus should be; not on me.

I'm grateful for overdue bills and debt
~Without those moments of anxiety and stress I might not have been otherwise motivated to get up and get right and leave that feeling behind (never again) #OneLife

I'm grateful for being grounded and disciplined as a kid
~Without that I wouldn't understand the value of obedience beyond the home, and the lessons that kept me away from incarceration

I'm grateful for losing ...

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Leadership vs Management?

by Rashid on July 22, 2016 12 Comments

Welcome Great Community!

Today is bit different in my head.  I am writing a lot these days preparing for speeches in my Toastmasters club weekly.  It's great to write so many different articles and coming up with a variety of ideas in short periods of time.  I want to share something with you that I was working on at my office the other day.  Enjoy and look forward to your comments.

When we think about Leadership vs Management the first thing I believe will come to mind is...great leaders and managers we know or can relate to.  So I will make a list of some that might sound familiar.  Let's start with great leaders...

Historically I can think of General Patton or Nelson Mandela

In the IT or Computer Age we think of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

In Coaching or Transformation we think of Les Brown ...

read more

Comments, News and Updates

JANUARY 2014.  A New year and new theme.  Year of Excellence.  Let's remember this one ... Commit to Excellence, Perform Like a Champion!  All year long.  Let's review each quarter of 2014.  

Goal 1 - Complete my High Excellence training and have it online this Q1.  Send out massive invite to reach the largest amount of people.  Deliver intense and actionable training to all members.  

Goal 2 - Create the LinkedIn Group "Live it, Love it, Share it"  This will be a group that invites people to express a time when they did something they liked or overcame something traumatic and from the lessons learned felt a love for the meaning behind this situation.  Now they want to share it.  So, here is my platform for all to share.  Also some reading from my book for parallels. 

Goal 3 - Promote and Improve the reach of our online bakery Rheemz Delights.  This Q1 our goal is to reach $1K profit per month.  To triple this every quarter in 2014.

Also anticipate relocating to Hawaii by the end of Q1.  

Summer 2013.  Busy time this year.  A few things to share with the community.  I've been collaborating with many new partners in the industry and cross-partnering with others in various industries.  Building new blogs, websites for my book, more writing, studying career coaching, hosting career development training, consulting for new business owners for military veterans, started a bakery business with my wife, partner in long term international long term contract deal, waiting to close with a partner a 3-4 million $$ IT deal (international), completed my SCM certification, added Supply Logistics training to my KSAs, and my favorite venture is to host the Collaboration for Strategic Growth & Contribution bi-weekly on a popular online venue.  Masterminding with Online Marketing experts, Property Investment Specialists, Management Consultants, Small Business development, Recruitment Experts.  Finally, closing in on the completion of the first phase of my latest human performance sequence called the H.E.R.O. Model.  Guaranteed to capture the vital aspects of the right conditions that will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within my clients and develop a specific roadmap that explores detailed levels of true capabilities and aspirations that give us the insight to understand what it will take to construct sustainable growth, contribution and legacy success.  Stay tuned.

April 2013.  Been invited back to the next business expo in Richardson (DFW area) to be on the panel of professional life, business and relationship coaches.  It's great and look forward to creating more networking opportunities.  With a new edition of my book coming soon, this will be just timely. 

Update 2 - My book "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better" has been entered in the USA Book awards this year.  As soon as I get more details of if and where you can vote I will update you.  Really pleased with that.  Also, will be in Dallas for the Writer's Conference May 3-4 this year.  Planning to be in Austin for another Writer's Conference in June 2013. 

Local NETexas - Working to host a Writer's Workshop here this summer.  Partnering with the local library to see what dates and times we will do it.  TBD

Newsletter - Will have a eNewsletter coming out soon.  Stay tuned for Volume 45-1.  Enter your email info if you want  a copy of this incredible personal development tool.  It's all about better life management for the high performer and high achiever.

March 2013.  Just an update here.  In the last week of Feb, we had a blast at the Biz Expo near Dallas FtWorth , Texas.  The Chocolate Blues networking event.  Really great turnout and sold all books except 2.  Wonderful time meeting new business contacts and perhaps making some friends as well.  The highlight of my day was having my cousin PJ stop by.  He is theactiononline.com and a blogging guru.  Great times and had a chance to sign my new book for him. A real pleasure to do that.  Get your copy today right here: 10XBetter

Awesome Weekend!  I was in Tyler, Tx (near Flint and in Chapel Hill) visiting my folks and Saturday was asked to do a book signing in Flint Tx at a school.  We sold out of all books on hand!  Also, we have about 15 new orders and a meet & greet with presentation in Palestine on next Sunday, 10 Feb/3pm.  It is real my friends.  Contact me for more details.

- Rashid

The Author of 8 Ways To Be 10 X Better


Book Comments and Reviews

Jessamine Rhae mentioned you in a comment.
Jessamine wrote: "Wow sir Rashid, I have to share this on my FB wall if you'll allow me? I'm your proud student and I owe a big portion of my positivity to your advice and encouraging discussions... Thank you for hearing me loud and clear. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. :) Rashid H Hill ! "


Jasmine Green thank you!!!!! i will support!!! im proud of you, your an author now!!! thats amazing!!!
Marneitha Reese Bradger Soooooo happy for you my friend! I want a copy most def!
Sharon Freeman @Rashid, will do, can't wait to read it!
Tarrance Woods No when I went back to the link it said it had been removed from public view how do I order it ?
Khalif Peters shared a link

A good book written by a good friend....check it out for yourself!


Michele Sodano WOW! What great news!!! You have been very busy the past two months!! Very impressive.....Congratulations!!! Dave says Congrats too on your new book!!
Naeem from Texarkana, Tx -"Greetings, just wanted to tell you that you got me like a student eager and ambitious as I am reading  the book.  I'm about halfway through it...."
"A must read book to advance your personal and professional life.  It's down to earth and in-depth practical book that has your attention from cover to cover.  The author Rashid Hill has really put a lesson guide together to becoming 10 X better."

T. Hill
Afghanistan.March 2013